URGENT – We Need Your Help

The Situation:

Classes for adults with disabilities and for seniors across California are in jeopardy. The Office of Adult Education in California (OAE) has drafted a strategic plan.

The new mission statement eliminates any mention of continuing to serve older adults or disabled adults.

The classes provide essential support for both these vulnerable populations.

Cutting these classes is penny-wise and pound-foolish.

The dollars we cut from educational programs for seniors and the disabled will cost us far more as people suffer the effects of isolation, devaluation and lack of growth. Seniors currently make up 12% of our population statewide – that percentage is growing every year.

Our programs for seniors and adults with disabilities are a smart investment in keeping down health care and public assistance costs.

What you can do:

#1. Contact Your Elected Representatives

Go to the Who To Contact page for sample letters and contact information for your Governor, State Legislator, and Board of Education.

#2. Visit the OAE Strategic Plan Website

Click  HERE to read the draft report.

#3. Spread the Word!

Contact and inform senior centers, the mayor, and senior advocacy groups in your community.

#4. Vote For The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012

Proposed changes to California’s State Tax structure will provide needed funding for adult education. Learn more about the this measure at the following site:

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